Ban Chang Strip

Along with possibly the golf the Ban Chang Strip is the main single reason many people, namely foreigners, will visit Ban Chang.

As the name suggests it is one road consisting mainly of bars. It runs along Tessabahn 25, between The Camel Pub at one end the Offshore Pub at the other. Up until around four or five years ago the bars were all located on one side of the road only. In recent years several bars have also opened in the new buildings on the other side of the road. These bars are all at the Offshore end.

The Ban Chang Strip

Society members on the Ban Chang Strip

Six of the eight society members are located on the strip. They are as follows.

The Camel

Faces bar

Noot bar

Sport bar

YoYo bar

Farang Bar

Useful websites for the Ban Chang Strip

The Camel Pub and Restaurant

Ban Chang website

Location Map

Center map
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