Eating Out in Ban Chang

Romsons restaurant Ban Chang

Eating out in Ban Chang – Ban Chang has literally hundreds of restaurants, cafes and street stalls where you can eat.

Ranging from small Thai food carts to fabulous seafood restaurants right on the beaches you can find everything you could really wish for here. The links below will take you to pages with maps for each venue.

Society members who offer food.

Two of the Ban Chang Bars Society members offer food. They are –

The Camel Pub and Restaurant – the most popular eatery on the Ban Chang Strip and probably the most popular (non Thai) in the whole of Ban Chang. It has a very large menu and now includes high quality Thai food also. Daily specials are a feature.

The 19th Hole

Other restaurants of note

The following are worthy of mention

Zum Adler – very popular German restaurant on Phala Road. Noted for its steaks

Romsons – very popular Thai seafood restaurant located directly on Nam Rin beach. For many years it was regarded as the number one seafood restaurant. It probably still is but there are now several alternatives. Romsons Ban Chang is the restaurant in the image at the top of this page.

Bella Vista – located directly on Payun beach it is widely regarded as the best non Thai restaurant in Ban Chang. It does have prices to match that label however.

Valley View restaurant – located at Valley View just north of Ban Chang. Renowned for its Sunday lunches.

The Lying Cow bar – located at Nam Rin Beach the Lying Cow offers breakfasts, burgers, pizzas and some of the best Thai food in town.

The Clock bar, restaurant and guesthouse – located on Phala Road offers a wide range of western and Thai food including great British style Chinese food.

Nina’s Kitchen – located on the Maptaphut bypass. Mainly American style food with awesome burgers.

Phala Pier Cafe – as the name suggests located at the pier at Phala beach. Possible the best “location” for a quiet, or romantic dinner on the list.

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