Pool and Darts at Faces bar March 1st 2018

Pool competition November 5th 2015

The next Pool and Darts competition will be held at Faces Bar, Ban Chang, on Thursday 1st March February 2018. As always the rules are kept simple and are as follows:-

Pools rules – any foul, ball in hand anywhere on table. No 2 shots. Each match best of 3*

Darts rules. 501 Straight in Double out. Each match best of 3* * if we have high numbers the early rounds are one frame/match only.

In both competitions losers go into a losers pool so everyone is guaranteed at least 2 matches. You can lose in the first round but still win the final – if you improve of course!

Matches start 7 pm so please come a little earlier so we can set up the rosters. 100 Baht entry for each competition. The proceeds are split 50% to the winners and 50% to the Ban Chang kids Christmas Party.

Complementary food will be available at half time. Everyone is very welcome. Please feel free to bring a friend or partner.

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