Wine tasting Saturday 23rd July 2016

Australian wine tasting at Faces bar

There will be a wine tasting, of Australian Wines, on Saturday 23rd July 2016. The tasting is courtesy of, and hosted by Al’s deli Ban Chang but the event will be held at Faces Bar in order to provide more space.

Al’s Deli Ban Chang is now stocking several high quality Australian wines including Cartel wines plus wines from the One Tree Plain range from the Amphora Wine group at Stonyfell winery.

Al’s Deli is located towards the Sukhumvit Road end of the Ban Chang Strip, opposite Faces bar and the Camel.

In addition to wines it features everything you would expect from a Deli including

  • Many meat and fruit pies including the famous “Aussie” pies (Lady pies)
  • A large selection of cooked meats, hams, salamis etc
  • Cheeses and butters
  • Individual cheesecakes
  • Great selection of high quality sandwiches and subs
  • Large selection of frozen foods including ready meals

Wine Tasting starts at 16.00

Faces bar is open as normal from 13.00

Australian wine at Al's deli, Ban Chang

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